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Revolutionizing the fitness Industry!


Our philosophy is total awareness through body alignment.  S.T.O.M.P. is designed for your proprioception, which is often considered your sixth sense.   Train your mind and body simultaneously with the S.T.O.M.P. Technique.  By targeting the hippocampus you improve your cognitive memory and your motor skills. So if you are alive and breathing you need to read this.  Proprioception is the information to your brain from every muscle and joint in your body that allows humans to control their body.  The primary colors in this amazing 360 degree fitness mat are there to stimulate your mind’s eye.  The lines and dots keep you in perfect alignment.

Technique Method


When working out with The S.T.O.M.P. Technique Method you learn to understand your center of gravity,  utilizing your entire body.  It helps you to improve your coordination by targeting each muscle group.  Designed to quickly excel the athlete in any sport, regardless of any level of performance.  From Core exercises to yoga, floor pilates, weight training and dance are just a few of the creative and fun exercises you can do on this mat. Train your slow and and fast twitch muscle fibers.  It’s the first of its kind.  Versatile and easy to use, incorporating five dot protocols and ladder drills.  It targets each muscle group by improving your speed, agility and quickness. Like no other workout on earth!  The S.T.O.M.P. Technique teaches you total awareness by giving you a full body workout!  S.T.O.M.P your way into a new mind and body ownership!  Take the S.T.O.M.P. challenge and master the world around you.  Workout as a family!  Do it right for life with The S.T.O.M.P. Technique!

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