Daniel Diaz



Daniel grew up in Dallas, Texas and realized his love for dance and gymnastics at a very early age. Daniel began competing in Statewide breakdance contests when he was 12 years old and started winning them regularly.  He won a competition that was named Dance til you drop.  It  lasted 72 hours and made him $1,000 which brought him to New York City.  He enrolled himself in Lee Strasberg Theatre and Film Insitute where he delved into Method Acting .  
The Mighty Morphin Power Rangers were holding auditions in  NYC and Daniel decided to try out. Daniel began the following day as the Blue Power Ranger.  He beat out 300 other competitors for the role.  Daniel discovered that Sony was holding auditions for the lead role in a documentary titled It’s One World, a movie about the Lakota Tribe of Native Americans.  He realized his true passion for stunt work while filming this controversial movie in Austria. He graduated from The International Stunt School, in Seattle, Washington and was trained by the stunt veteran David Boushey.  Daniel choreographed dance routines for KLF, a world known techno band and choreographed Troma Entertainment’s 25th Anniversary at the Cannes Film Festival while doing stunt work in their superhero movies and  where he was also married to jewelry designer Hilary Joy the previous year.
Daniel kept having dreams about this mat,  He was on a quest to teach people to develop his heightened sense of internal awareness, (the sixth sense).  S.T.O.M.P Technique Awareness Mat evolved from one small dot inside a square.  The rest is history.  Join the S.T.O.M.P. Revolution with Daniel Diaz and his team of Master Trainers!
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